Arduino Science Kit Physic Lab

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The first official Arduino kit designed for scientific exploration for middle school students aged 11 to 14.

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18 March 2020

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Developed in partnership with Google, the Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab is an Arduino-based physics lab, fully compatible with Google Science Journal available on Android

Have Fun and Learn at the Arduino Science Fairground!

Experiment with forces, motion, magnetism, and conductivity. Students will make their own hypothesis like real scientists, then check their assumptions, and log data thanks to Google’s Science Journal — a digital notebook for conducting and documenting science experiments in real-time using the smart capabilities of mobile devices.

No coding experience required! Enjoy this new series of plug & play projects.

Recommended for 2 students to work together, the Arduino Science Kit includes materials to run 9 exciting physics experiments based on the following subject areas and topics:


- Electromagnetism and Thermodynamics
- Kinetics and Kinematics
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