Humanoid Line Core M

27cm My Robot Time LINE-Core M Graphical Programmable Humanoid Robot Educational Robot Kit High Tech
from K810,000 discount K60,000
Price K750,000

18 March 2020

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  • The LINE-Core m robot uses 18 servo motors to form a multi-functional humanoid robot. The controller interface is compatible with Arduino/metal shaft/multi-stage half-duplex serial communication interface/Bluetooth/serial port, etc.
  • Using the mobile app can also be programmed according to the user's favorite robot movements, such as: playing football, boxing, dancing, etc., can use computer and mobile phone programming at the same time, mainly used for teaching and entertainment, publicity and other activities. 
  • In addition, 3D printers can be combined to make different models, such as insects, spiders, tanks, etc., mainly used for advanced programming teaching. At the same time, LSM-micro can also be combined with MRT educational robot series products to build a variety of models
  • Graphic programmable human robot .Dance/Fight/Soccer/Mission/Free Mode, Over 200 different actions
  • For Robot education, exhibition
  • Support Phone, PC control
  • 3D print Suit, Block, Free Design file provided
  • Keeping update new dance modes on APP and free open to customers
  • Provide English guiding manual in PDF
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