MRT 3 General 4

My Robot Time MRT3-G4 Full Block Builder Kid, Robotics Learning Kit, STEM Programmable Educational Robot Kit for Elementary School Students

29 January 2020

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Combine MRT3-1, MRT3-2, MRT3-3 and MRT3-4 levels and can assembly more than 30 models

MRT3-1 (Starter course)
1, The Robot kit for statters to leam and understand mechanical stmctures and electronic parts.
2, At this stage needn't to make GUI promming. Equipped with preprogrammed main board.
3, Making DIY robot models with 10 modes 
Free Move; Remote control; Line Tracer; Avoider; Stalker; Drop Checker, Touch; Remote Control + IR ; Remote Control+ Touch, Remote Control (R).

MRT3-2 (Beginner course)
1, Beginning stage and study difficult mechanical principle and more electronic parts.
2. Making DTIY robot models with 10 modes:

MRT3-3 (Intermediate course)
1, Intermediate stage, study to make GUI computer prognmmnng,
2, Equipped with programable main board.

MRT3-4 (Advanced course)
1, Advanced stage and need lo make GUI computer programming.

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